Many have upgraded to a Condominium 


from their own pocket.

Have YOU Taken Advantage 

On It ???

With my diligent Financial Soluition and systematic Asset Progression Plan, to attain Financial Success Easily. 

If you are holding an

HDB for more than 5 years & have a combined income of $7K onwards -
you can potentially…

Upgrade to a condominium WITHOUT touching savings

Own 2 properties with the SAME monthly instalment

Have A Good Amount up to $120K as Reserve Funds

Have you ever wondered why many families with just a household income of $7k and above, can upgrade to a condominium?

How did this HAPPEN !!!


Through this NON-OBLIGATORY sharing…

You'll know on how to CREATE PASSIVE INCOME with little or no extra financial commitment and Build a Strong Saving Plan for You and Your Family.

Case Study 1

Mr and Mrs Tan, both 35 yrs old with a combined household income of $7280, were owners of a 4 room HDB flat.

Initially, they called and met me for assisting them to sell their current house and plan to upgrade to a bigger flat.

However, through my implementation of in-depth financial calculations and strategic plans, they discovered a better way to grow their wealth.

step 1: The planning

With the research and detailed financial calculations, they have a better option to leverage their financial capability for much BETTER RETURN in term of wealth and future retirement plan. 

STEP 2: The results

They have then upgraded to a Condo WITHOUT using their savings, and even have a cash reserve of $150,000.

Having a clear asset progression road map, they are even thinking of investing a second property next year.

How did they achieve it ?

Case Study 2

Mr and Mrs Lee, both 40 yrs old, owned a HDB 5 rooms flat at Mei Ling Street. They intend to upgrade to a 3 bedrooms resale condo so that their young children can enjoy the condo facilities.


They were also looking for passive income possibilities.

Mr and Mrs Lee own a HDB 5 rooms flat, estimated marketable price of their HDB is $750,000.
* Both Age : 40 with the monthly salary of $6000 and $5000 respectively
* Currently Total CPF OA available $115,000
* Outstanding HDB loan is $200,000
* Total CPF used + incurred interest $360,000
* Both of them don’t have cash saving.

1) Possible Mr and Mrs Lee own 2 properties which is one for own stay and one for investment?

2) What are the options available for them to reduce the ABSD?

Yes, They ACHIEVED their Goals yet Save up to $135,000.

Through my implementation of in-depth financial calculations and strategic plans, they discovered a better way for their Asset Progression.

How did they achieve it ?

Like some of the HDB Owners I met, they got a shock when I shared with them about the research that I did for their current house worth.

In certain years, some of the HDB owners even suffer a heavy lost if base on the current estimate market valaution of their property. 

I Have Almost Paid Off My HDB Fully, 

Why I Need To UPGRADE ???

With all or the majority of your CPF put into your HDB flat...

You do not 

* Earn 2.5% interest from leaving it inside CPF

Accumulate interest of 2.5% on the CPF you utilized

WITHOUT the right CPF usage strategy…

You could be affecting your financial future in the next 5 to 10 years!

Also, Deminish Your Wealth

* After 5 years, you lose $32,852 in interest earnings.

* At the end of 5 years, when you sell your HDB , you'll have to return $282,852 to CPF, that is 
$32,852 less cash from your property sales proceeds.

Your TOTAL LOSS is $65,704!

5 Years

CPF Interest Loss

CPF Accrued Interest

Your Total Loss

10 Years

CPF Interest Loss

CPF Accrued Interest

Your Total Loss

15 Years

CPF Interest Loss

CPF Accrued Interest

Your Total Loss

So how are you able to Break free from this fate?
Arrange a non-obligatory session to know the truth!

Start your life goals journey from here !

A great opportunity indeed need to have Field-Tested Strategies and Action plan based on your finance and family situation. 

Also, tailoring Your Ownself unique 5,10,15...year investment plan to allow you to retire comfortably, free from worries with Solid Saving-Plan, and to spend more time to enjoy with your Loved ones.

Seize the OPPORTUNITY................

With my guided Action Plan & proven Asset Progression Strategies…

Indentify the RIGHT and POTENTIAL Asset Investment Plans.

Maintain a HEALTHY amount of RESERVE FUNDs for rainy days!

Create PASSIVE INCOME with minimal to zero extra financial commitment.


Let Jack share the OPTIONS for you.

Meet me for a NON-OBLIGATORY discussion & I will share....

  • Setting up an efficient Real Estate Investing RoadMap for you.

  • Securing the Safety Net Financial Power-up Formula 

  • Evaluating Right and Protected options in the property market and determine the best choice that is suitable for you
Jack Tan

I have dedicated over one decade helping clients buy, sell & Invest property, asset portfolio restructuring and asset progress planning with over 530 transactions and $185 million in sales.


In addition, I have served my industry by being awarded with 10 Years Ambassador award, Multiple times of Top Producers Awards, several Best Project Sales achievements and Excellent Customer Service testimonials.

What My Clients Say


We would like to thank your Mr Jack Tan for his professionalism and service oriented attributes. Mr Tan is also very passionate in what he does and he does his work well.

Mr Tan helped us with the sale of our property and as first time seller, Jack Tan took the time and patience to go through the details, ensuring we understand all that is required. 

Mr Goh (BBM) 

 (Proud Upgrader)


Jack is a very professional, approachable, responsible and knowledgeable agent. Patiently go through the whole sale and purchase process with us and answer whatever questions we have. We are very fortunate to have Jack as our sales representative for selling our HDB apartment. Without him, we couldn't have successfully achieved our target selling price within such a fast turnaround time and upgraded to our dream private condo.
BIG THANK YOU to you, Jack! Well Done! 

Eric Fan and Ms Ou

(Proud Upgrader)


Jack was very committed throughout the entire process. He made sure to achieve the best for us according to our requests, and is also very efficient as he takes pride in what he does. We are very lucky and glad to have Jack to help us with the whole successful transaction.

Mr and Mrs Ong

(Proud Upgrader)


Jack was very professional in delivering his prompt service in assisting our queries that we don't have any doubt to let him help us in selling of our house. Jack also guide us to process the transaction of our house that he did his homework and tell us about the whole process that we are contented as the financial plan that he work out for us is very accurate though. Overall, I am very contented and happy with his professional service. We would like to thanks the company of having such a very professional Consultant like Mr Jack Tan 

Mdm Siti Jamilah

 (Proud Owner)


As a first time seller and upgrader, Jack was patient in explaining the options & procedures available for us. He would always stand in the perspective of his clients and tries his best to achieve what is best for them be it in buying or selling. We highly recommend Jack as a patient and honest agent to represent our voice, our perspective and our price.

Mr and Mrs Derrick Lim

(Proud Owner)


我们通过朋友介绍认识了Jack Tan. 他的信心,用心和方法真的让我们看到希望和成果。谢谢你, Jack Tan. 我们一定会把你的用心,专业和非常有效率的服务介绍给我们的亲戚朋友

Mr Peh & Ms Kee

(Proud Owner)

Hi, I am Jack Tan

As a Full Time, Active and Proficient Real Estate Realtor, I recognize and value the trust my clients place in me and I strive every day to exceed their expectations.


Arrange a completely


sharing session.

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